Dentist marketing?

Over the years I’ve noticed that the places that people try to market (besides on the internet) have become more creative. For instance, when was the last time you saw one of those bathroom screens that flashes commercial on top of the stall? You’re kind of stuck there for anywhere between 30 sec to 3 minutes watching those commercials…unless you want to be the guy watching your neighbor’s anatomy…

A similar, much more targeted and effective, would be in a dentist room. This past Saturday I got my teeth cleaned and sat through at least 40 min. staring at a commercial on Crest’s whitening strips which took a 2 by 2 Ft^2 roof tile space right on top of my face. Crazy thing is that they had the same commercial for 11 years!

Think about it, let’s say a typical DDS serves on average 1,871 patients a year ( That’s 2,000 middle-upper income families (well, at least people who can afford dental care) that can be targeted for 40 minutes every half a year in a teeth-cleaning session. Say we have a rotating marketing screen in every teeth-cleaning room…say in the top 500 largest DDS, we’re probably talking about a few million people who’ll look at a commercial screen for 40 minutes. This would be prime opportunity for dentist practices as well as ads agencies, seeing as the target can’t move, can’t speak, can’t even nod off without the hygienist’s constant nagging of “hey, open your mouth wider”. I know dentists are generally stubborn, but where’s the harm in marketing polo shirts or golf clubs to the right market?

Perfect Security System

“In a bank, there is always a silent alarm”. I learned that in class today from the famed Steven Levitt. This got me thinking, does it trigger automatically, or by front desk workers, or is there a little red button under every single desk? Either way, wouldn’t it be unecessarily dangerous during a bank robbery to have to physically press a button to alert the police? Why not have a semi automatic system?  As far as I know, there are obviously alarms when things get destroyed, i.e. glass shattered, gunfires, etc. but what if we have a more sophisticated system combining camera and alert? Imagine the following: the camera is programmed to detect unusual signs and alert the police (who has obviously a feed of all these cameras) upon detection. The police has a red flashing screen popped up with the camera feed and can judge whether the event is a real danger. This method would minimize the false positive error (wrong trips that the police make) while preventing danger.

A possible counterpoint is that the camera would not be accurate and keep reporting wrong danger, thus wasting a lot of time for the police. In this case, we could have a third party organization manning this screening process.

With the advent of cheaper cameras and better recognition software, this could be used for all big and small businesses subject to robbery (convenience stores in bad neighborhoods, museums, etc.).

Organizational management tool

It’s a tough process recording organizational structure. It’s a harder process as a director of a huge organization to not only remember all the structures (down to junior managers) that works within his/her responsibilities. Imagine remembering the performance of each group manager/VP on top of that!

What if we had a detailed, customizable organizational structure that also includes performance of each sub-group, shown by a colored bar. The system would at first require user input for the structure, and for the performance bars would include quarterly feedback that the company (hopefully) does anyways.

This business solution would 1. help define a clear organizational structure (clean and easy to use), 2. facilitate executive training, 3. keep veteran executives aware of their subordinates’ performance without having to micromanage.

An example of existing products is that has a decent database of user-made organizational structures for big companies. It’s however not detailed and not meant for internal use.



Event Name Generator

Okay, an event name generator totally sounds lame, but when you got something as boring as “Science & Technology: Emerging Professions Underrepresented Professions” that spells out STEP UP, that becomes really interesting.  Here’s what already exist, an acronym generator ( where you input a name, such as college mentorship program, and it’ll give you an acronym, COME (COllege MEntorship).
We want the other side of it, where you’d input a few keywords of your organization and/or the event, and optionally the acronym you want, it’ll pop up the full name. Imagine inputting technology professional conference, STEP UP, and it gives you a few super elaborate name choices!

Magnetic weights: workout for bosses

Benching is dangerous, that’s why people would go as far as hiring a gym partner to spot them. At home, it’s harder to always have a spotter, which is why there are a lot of expensive replacement for benching, such as the string crap that faes the awesome feeling of pushing and lifting that bar.

Now, running on a treadmill can also be pretty dangerous, but the reason why people still buy them at  homes and don’t need a spotter is the emergency stop button. Well, what if you could do the same with the benching bar? At the push of one button or voice control, you can stop that 200lbs of weights from crushing your ribcage? Introduce Magnetic Weights, where the bar is a giant magnet reacting to a magnetic floor. The magnetism can be controlled by electricity. I have no idea how exactly it’ll work, but it’d be awesome if it did 🙂

How to get your desktop colorful

Here’s what a boring and in fact counter productive (because you have to waste a lot of time looking for a folder) desktop looks like:

 Now, here’s what I’m talking about:  See the difference?

1. Go to any icon website, I use, download icons or icon packs in a folder.
2. Right click the folder you want to change, properties->customize->change icons. Then go to the folder you had your icons downloaded, and voila!

Lyric Sync

Shazam can recognize songs from frequency, there’s plenty of lyric websites online, so why not combine the two? Imagine an app or even an add on for itunes that recognizes the song and automatically edit the properties of the song (add lyric) so that the lyric stays with the song permanently.